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Monday, July 06, 2009

If Only MLM Had a REAL Instruction Manual

Have you ever felt this way? You see an opportunity; you get signed up; you start going through the back office information; the information provided by your sponsor; and all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by what to do.

It's almost like there are a few parts missing. How do you get from point A to point Z, where the big bucks are?

Do you lead with product; do you lead with opportunity; just what do you do first?

Have you ever heard Network Marketing compared to franchising? It happens all of the time. And here is the important thing to remember about how franchising REALLY works and how your Network Marketing business will really work.

The job of the franchise company is to sell more franchises; and open more outlets. These outlets sell the company products and market for the company. McDonald's didn't get to the point of selling billions of burgers through one single store, right? They have thousands and thousands.

Your job as a networker is the same, essentially. The more outlets you open, the more products can be sold. You open outlets when you sponsor new distributors into your business and teach them the simple principles of the business.

Here is a point to keep in mind –

Does McDonald's have the best hamburgers in the restaurant business? The best packaging? Are their stores the fanciest? Do you think someone buys a McDonald's franchise and then calls corporate complaining about the way things are done?

Wouldn't you agree that McDonald's is currently the most successful franchise in history? And imagine this – they did it with sub-par food; plastic booths and teenagers.

What does this mean for you? What this means is that your product does not need to be "the best in the world" in order for you to be successful. Your product doesn't have to look the best in order for you to create gangster income. As long as you have a good product, that performs well, that you believe in, you are set for life!

When you sponsor people into your business, you are selling them a system for success. The system is simple – talk to 2 people a day; find those who have a need; fill the need with the solution that your business offers.

And, if teenagers can make McDonald's into what it is today, don't you think you can easily do the same in your own business?

The biggest mistake most networkers make is that they lead with their company name; the products; and the "best blah-blah-blah" out there.

Who believes that in today's world, when we are mass marketed to on a minute by minute basis?

Offer people a solution to their greatest problem and then show them what it's going to take to get the results they want and you will have people lining up at your door (or website) to join your opportunity. Find the system that fits for you and then develop a plan to teach others how to do it to.

Contact, invite, present, follow up, sponsor, train and duplicate with the willing.

Contact and invite are the only two areas that will differ in your system, depending on how you approach this. Present, follow up, sponsor, train and duplicate will be the same.

Define the methods that get you excited for contacting and inviting. This could be warm market; running ads; walking and talking; buying leads; or internet marketing. Once you have the prospects, take them through the rest of the process.

Find a mentor to teach you how to master the skills of the methods you want to use and let nothing stand in your way.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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