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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Are You Making This Online Marketing Mistake?

Have you ever sent out an email blast; tweeted or posted a Facebook Update using your product name; company name or something about who's making how much money?

Here is a clue about your target market for your opportunity – they don’t care about your product or service; the name of your company; what big name is behind it; or who made 6 figures last year. What they care about is how it can solve a need that they have. Provide the solution to a problem, and you’ll sponsor another team partner.

It’s as simple as that, really, and yet so few people “get it.”

Instead, most internet marketers, particularly those involved in Network Marketing, spend their time talking about how great or unique their company’s product is; all of the patents it holds; and how one can make easy money in the business.

You’ve seen the ads, right?

“Make $100K in 6 months with our proven system.”

“BIG NAME promises to create more millionaires with his entrance into Network Marketing.”

“Guaranteed - $1000 in 24 hours.”

“No selling, No Sponsoring, No Meetings, No Cold Calls!”

First of all, no one believes the person who is advertising making big money quickly because we have figured out by now that the people who are making big money don’t advertise it in that way. It’s the “posers” who feel the need to blast that type of message.

Second, when one makes something look and sound so easy, who do you think it will attract? Someone who expects it to be easy and we all know that there is no short cut to true success.

Well, then, how DO you attract people to what you are offering?

You start by having a genuine conversation. You ask questions, and you get to the heart of what is most important for your prospect; what problem exists and what solution they are looking for which has you in conversation in the first place.

Success in Direct Sales/Network Marketing has little to do with the product, the compensation plan, or the big name behind the company. It has everything to do with the relationship you forge with your prospect; and the interest you take in assisting them in getting what they want.

Don’t make the mistake of projecting onto your prospects your own interests; wants and desires. It has no place in the conversation unless the prospect asks you specifically. Even then, be brief and turn the subject back to them.

Be a great communicator. Be more concerned about what your prospect will get out of your message than what you think you are saying that matters.

Before you begin a conversation, either written or spoken, get yourself into the shoes of your prospect. Feel the pain your prospect feels and communicate based on the challenges he/she faces. Communicate so that your prospect knows you “get them.” You know where they are coming from. You want them to feel identified with you. This establishes critical trust.

You want to make a connection between the desires, wants and needs of your prospect and the outcome or benefit that you are offering. The closer you can make that connection, the better. The more you will draw them in and the closer they will become to taking action.

You want to make them know that what stand between them and what it is that they want is exactly what you are offering.

Communicate that regularly and effectively to your prospects and you will become the sponsoring superstar you long to be. Your paychecks will increase and you will no longer feel the need to communicate anything to your prospect except exactly what it is he/she is looking for.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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Joanne said...

Very well said Jackie. The industry could do with a lot less hype and a lot more relationship building. I definitely agree with your points here.