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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does Attraction Marketing Really Work in MLM

Does Attraction Marketing in MLM really work online? It certainly seems to be the buzz word these days, doesn't it? Everywhere you look, someone is talking about it. But, how many people are really practicing it, and can it really be done?

How do you set yourself apart and draw customers and prospective business partners to you? Well, it's really fairly simple, and actually easier to do online than offline.

Think of the many people who you may have run across online who are "peddling" their MLM Opportunity. Spamming it is probably a better word choice. Most Network Marketers online think that the way to build online is to over-hype their opportunity to EVERYONE they come into contact with.

They buzz onto Facebook, make a zillion friends and then zap them all a message telling them how great their deal is; how much money they are making and how "just plain stupid" you are for not joining them yesterday!

How many times have you clicked to know more when you get these obnoxious posts? Probably none!

So how do you begin an MLM Attraction Marketing Magnet? How do you get people beating down your door to join your business?

I'm going to give you three key concepts to practice when you are marketing your business online.

Concept One – Be authentic. This is easier said than done for some, but seriously, how hard is it to just be yourself? Share your story and let people see who you are. Don’t try to embellish your experiences in MLM or try to be a "success story" that you have not yet created.

Instead, share your successes and your failures; your hopes, goals and dreams. Talk about your motivation and reason why you are building a business. Share things that you have tried that didn't work out. Share what you see in your opportunity in a very real way, without using any hype.

These things are what will bond your prospect to you because there will likely be some common ground between you.

Concept Two – Provide content and value – give your knowledge away freely. You may have
seen it said that you must be willing to give in order to get. Be willing to give away some of your "Secrets" to building successfully. Share tips and resources that have worked for you. Share as much free stuff as you can find.

It's okay to offer affiliate programs and other monetization models that help fund your business, but make sure you are not always coming after your prospects or your audience with your hand out. Give away more than you profit from, and make sure what you give away offers true value.

A good way to give away content of value is to do a review on a product or service you have used online. Or, perhaps explain an effective way you have discovered of using Facebook, or a particular application there. Have you figured out a great way to manage your Social Networking activities? This would be something great to share with an audience who will be hungry to know any time saving techniques you can offer.

Content and value are what reign supreme online and you will quickly generate a following and many prospects when you can be counted on for great information.

Concept Three – Become a consultant in the Network Marketing Profession. This doesn't mean give away all of your time, but be willing to devote some time to assisting those outside of your own downline. When someone comes to you with a problem or question, pick up the phone and give them a quick call if possible. You will likely make their jaw drop and they will appreciate and remember you for this.

Make sure you make that time about the person you are calling and not just a chance for you to go on and on about yourself or your business. Ask questions and listen. See if you can get to the heart of this person's need and find a way to provide a solution.

You never know when the time might come that this person will be looking to make a company change. I promise that the time you invested in that person and that phone call will stand out and likely prompt them to consider joining your team!

Attraction Marketing works like a charm if you will take the time to master the skills of coming from a place of contribution. Give generously and know that you will soon have prospects lining up at your door! Be ready to coach them to do the same!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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Jhanna Dawson said...

Great Info, Jackie. You've set a fantastic example of what attraction marketing means. Thank you.