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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Leadership Principle #3 - Importance and Appreciation

Importance and Appreciation

Have you ever had an encounter with someone where you knew you were not appreciated or important? It's not a great feeling. Every person is special and deserves to know that. And, it takes so little to impart this feeling to another.

No matter how busy you are, take a moment to connect with people each day. Ask about their day; their life; their business. Ask how you can add value to their life and be sincere.

The CEO of my Network Marketing Company went car shopping the other day and first stopped into the Lexus Dealership. He was dressed in jeans a sweatshirt, and you have to know right up front that he is a wheeler/dealer! He loves the art of the bargain and negotiation. He began to negotiate on a high priced Lexus.

After the car salesman "sized him up", he pointed to another car, and suggested he consider that model. It was priced much less. My friend made a quick exit and drove right over to the BMW dealership where he was treated as the most important person on the planet by that car salesman.

Guess which car he bought? Guess how many people are hearing this story? Guess the value of positive press for BMW and negative press for Lexus?

Never make assumptions about someone based on their clothing or other "physical" things about them. Get to know another before forming a lasting opinion.

Let people know they are important in every way that you can. Appreciate their talents and contributions to your business and your life.

This leadership principle was taken from the Mary Kay Ash principles taught in the book, The Mary Kay Way.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer

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