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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are You Benefiting From the Internet in Business?

The Power of an Internet Based Business

When asked recently why I felt the Internet had played such an important role in my business, I had to really stop and think about just what it has meant. Really, if I sum it up, it's the difference between having a business and creating a lifestyle, and having a job.

See, the Internet provided the total solution for me when I began using it nearly ten years ago. I was struggling in my Network Marketing business prior to taking my business online. As the mother of small children, my ability (and, yes, willingness) to leave my children with a sitter or in daycare to run around town giving business overviews greatly stunted my ability to build an effective business.

Once I had exhausted my warm market, I needed a way to find interested prospects. Well, heck, if the internet is the greatest self help tool ever invented, then it makes sense that many prospects must be online looking for a business, so in essence, looking for me, right?

Well, that is absolutely right and that is absolutely what has happened. I took my business to the Internet; I struggled through building a personal website; learning lead capture and auto-responder details; and finally, how to market my business online.

One thing I knew from day one – jumping into social networks; forums and other places where people hang out and blasting out worthless messages about how great my opportunity is was not going to build a stable business. How is it that I "got that" ten years ago and so many people have not? It's worth repeating – if you wouldn't do it at a party offline, don’t do it at a party online! It's not welcome and it's obnoxious!

The second thing I learned is that picking up the phone and making contact as soon as possible would create relationships and friendships that would lead to business partnerships. The Internet is a great tool to make contact, but it doesn’t develop the relationship. It has no true human factor and network marketing is still a people to people business.

Finally, I know that I would never be where I am today if not for the Internet. See, I could have built the business I have, but it would have cost me the relationship I have with my children. It would have required me to be gone; out of the house for probably 4 nights a week and one weekend. It would have required more travel than the "once a quarter" trip I take now. It would have meant much more time on the phone.

So, for me, the Internet has been a priceless business building tool. It has been the center of my business, besides the people who are involved. It has connected me to some of the most amazing people on the planet. It has allowed me to "multiply" myself and be many places at once.

I encourage you to see how this tool might benefit you and your business. If you pursue it and commit to master it (as best it can be mastered) like I have, you will never look back and never regret it.

My best to you.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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