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Sunday, August 09, 2009

You Didn't Fall For "The Next Big Thing" Did You?

If you've been on the Internet (and you have since you are reading this) you may have fallen prey to "The Next Big Thing" syndrome that is out there. It's rampant on the Internet, and if you are signed up on very many newsletters or notification lists, you are likely seeing it regularly.

You're cruising through email and BAM – an email drops into your box with a screaming headline about how great this new opportunity is; and how much money you are going to make with this new opportunity; and how so-and-so-big-name is getting involved with this big opportunity and this opportunity is going to help you dump your mediocre status that you've had so far in M.L.M. and you are going to finally make some REAL money!

Question for you – how many opportunities are you going to join before you realize that none of this has anything at all to do with your success? New; better; best; big name; matching bonus, blah, blah, blah. This is not what true success is about.

It's not the company; it's not the big name; it's not the products; it's not the pay plan; it's not your upline; it's not the "turnkey, duplication system"; it's not any of these things that determine your success in Network Marketing. These are just things sold to you by slick marketers who know how to invoke your emotions and make you think you are going to win the lottery if you just join "their deal."

The opportunity you have in front of you most likely has all of the components to allow you to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams. If anyone in your company has done it, so can you.

The only thing that is missing for you, if you aren't getting what you want from it, is your belief; your commitment and your focus. The success you desire is all about you, and your ability to get it lies within you.

You just have to decide to stop looking around; procrastinating; making excuses; and thinking that it can't happen for you. You have to decide that every day, you are going to put one foot in front of the other and BE the success story you desire.

No one gets lucky in this profession and no one gets a free ride. The top distributors get to the top by developing a business action plan and taking action. Simple as that. In the beginning, they work hard to lay the foundation. Sometimes, it seems like there is no progress. They certainly work harder than the ones standing on the sideline saying "It's easy for so-and-so. He/she has ______ and I don't."

In the beginning, you must treat your business like a JOB if you want to create the benefits it offers. It's not the lottery; it's not get rich quick; and everyone pays a price to be successful. It's a high price, too, but it is so worth it.

The average networker, however, does not treat the business like a JOB. They don't make a commitment; and they aren't willing to pay the price. They think that when they order their starter pack, they are buying a lottery ticket guaranteed to win. Or, pulling the arm on a slot machine.

Knowing this, what steps will you take today to get your business into the race? How will you develop a disciplined work ethic so you can begin to see the results that you want? The grass really is not greener anywhere else. It's thick, rich and fertilized right here, right now. If you aren't getting the results you want out of your business today, who is going to change that? It's not your sponsor, and it's not the company. It's you.

Cruising the Internet looking for something easier; more this or more that isn't going to change your results. You will face the same problems there and have to overcome the same challenges.

You have to be willing to decide what it is you really want; decide what price you are willing to pay to get it; decide what you must and will overcome to get there; and decide to take action starting right now and every day.

It's that simple. I remember the day I made that decision. I remember the price I was willing to pay. I remember my challenges and what I had to do to "get over myself" essentially. And, I remember every day how glad I am I had "that day."

Let today be YOUR day!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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Anonymous said...

Your message is so true Jackie.I can say from my personal experience that most of us don't want face the truth of what you are saying because the message is not sexy, it isn't music to our ears.

Taking personal responsibility is painful and it's just easier to blame everything outside of us like the comp plan, the company, our sponsor ect....

We never want to look at where the real problem is....ourselves.

You are an inspiration, keep rocking it girl!