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Monday, August 03, 2009

Key Quality #2 of the Successful Network Marketer

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

Quality # 2 - Develop a Loyal Customer Base

I know, I know – you were told that Network Marketing isn't about selling; it's simply sharing! Whatever. Do you want to be successful? Then don't be afraid of the word – SALES! It's not a dirty word. Sales goes on everyday and you are a part of it in some way every day. Why not profit from it yourself, since you offer great products and you believe in those products.

Big checks are created through sales volume and there is no better way to create sales volume than to develop a few, loyal customers and teach others to do the same. People will stay in the business when they have success, and that first success of getting a customer goes a long way to securing everyone's future.

Here is a shocker – not everyone you know is going to want to get involved in the business. In fact, most won't. But a strong number of those people will be interested in trying out your products.

For me personally, no one in my family is involved in my business and no one in my circle of close friends is either. They are, however, my best customers and strongest source of referrals. This creates a retail income source to fund a marketing budget for the business and it builds volume. As a leader, I am setting a good example for my team by retailing.

Set a goal of finding ten to fifteen customers. These are people who just use your products and are not interested in the opportunity. As I mentioned yesterday, I give away a lot of my products. Try this as well. Give a demo to ten or fifteen friends, along with a catalog and order form and see what happens.

Provide good customer service by following up to see how they like the products and check in regularly for repeat orders. Give discounts and add in bonuses. These are tax write-offs, and more importantly, they secure your customer base.

Teach your team to do the same and watch your group volume and commission checks soar!

Tomorrow, Key Quality #3 – Study Your Profession.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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Jhanna Dawson said...

One of the first things I always recommend to any new team partner is to find a few customers. I want that new person to be able to pay for their monthly autoship from introducing their product.. This way, their business is already paying for itself. It's a great first goal to set. Agreed, agreed, get that loyal customer base going!

~Jhanna Dawson