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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Effective Use of Facebook for Your Business #2

More on the series of how to be effective with Facebook and social media marketing.

Number 2 – Please don't SPAM me.

When I started marketing my business online, 10 years ago, I adopted one business principle for certain –

If I wouldn't do it at a party; event or in a crowd offline, I shouldn't do it online.

That just seems like common sense, doesn't it? Evidently, some people didn't get the memo!

Would you walk into a party wearing a sign that reads – Join me and make a six figure income next month? I hope not. So why would anyone do this online.

When you get involved in conversation online, whether updating your status; sending a message to a contact; or posting on someone's wall, think about how you will be perceived.

Blasting someone with your opportunity is rude and unwelcome. It's like interrupting a conversation. Would you do this offline?

Always think before you write online. Think about who you will attract with your message. Anyone who has TRULY built a successful business knows that these type of messages do not attract the type of person with the commitment to build a business.

Creating content and value; developing relationship authentically; being INTERESTED in others is what builds a successful business, online and offline.

So, save your SPAM for the dinner table!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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