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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Key Quality #3 of the Successful Network Marketer

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

Key Quality #3 – Study Your Profession.

If you wanted to learn to fly an airplane, there would be some education and study required, right? What if you wanted to become a surgeon? Same thing. Network Marketing success is no different. You must be teachable, and you must be willing to seek out and learn every day.

Talk to your sponsor about the methods he/she uses to build the business. Find out what training resources you should be learning from. Set aside time every day to expand your learning process.

As you begin learning and studying the profession, you will find stories and experiences shared by others that are just like you. Everyone has moments of challenge and struggle in this profession. Everyone who is actually working the business hears "no" much more than they hear "yes." And, the successful ones keep going. No matter what.

As you study these stories, it will instill in you that you can be a success, too, if you just keep taking action. Your first days in Network Marketing can be the most challenging, and if you are plugged into learning and studying from others, you will know that what you are experiencing is common and this can keep you in the game.

Your business will grow as fast as you do and you'll grow faster by studying and learning from others. Stay in student mode and be ready to share this important activity with your growing downline.

Tomorrow, Key Quality #4 – Follow a System of Single Daily Actions.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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