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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are you in Big Business Mode or Stuck in Small Thinking?

Are you thinking small or big business?

Business slowdowns are occurring in much of the business world, so if you've been thinking that it is limited to just you or your business, ask around. It doesn't matter what your home business or what your product, chances are, you're experiencing a drop in business. This is not the time to throw in the towel, however. It's the time to do a full court press and take your business to the top.

I've been conversing with other networkers who are sharing the same sentiments. Some are starting to let fear grip them; and others are taking a proactive approach.

If you've read the business section of your newspaper, or jumped onto Yahoo News lately, you'll see what's happening elsewhere in the world of business.

Car makers are downsizing; governments are downsizing; and the list goes on. This means the loss of jobs by more workers all around the country and in many departments. These companies are'f currently closing their doors, but they are refocusing their businesses and going through everything to see what works and what doesn't. Many other types of businesses are doing the same.

What are you doing with your business plan? Are you going through everything? Seeing what works and what doesn't? Sharpening your focus and re-working your business plan? This is the sign of someone thinking big business.

I've heard from networkers inside and outside of my business who are quitting. Things are getting tight and instead of looking at their business as an asset, they are choosing to see it as a liability; something that must go. This is an interesting way to think about a business, designed to bring in money.

Now is not the time to throw in the towel. Leave that to your competition. That is very small business thinking and is not the type of thinking you need to move your business forward. Tough times mean increased opportunities, if you'll look for them and put yourself out there.

So, let's get out that business plan and give it an overhaul. Let's start with an inventory of what you have been doing. Get out a sheet of paper and write out what your daily action plan has consisted of over the last few weeks; months or even years. What has brought you the greatest success? What has brought you the greatest passion toward working your business? In what areas can you make improvements?

What type of monthly advertising budget are you working with? Where are you committing that budget monthly? How effective is this for you? What have you learned from this advertising? What can you do to increase your advertising budget without taking from your family budget?

Success in your own business involves just a few simple things. After all, when you think about it, there is nothing different from someone who is not having success compared to one who is except action, belief and consistency. These are the essential ABCs of business success.

Action means doing something to move your business forward each day. These can be small, meaning not a long list or super time intensive.

Here is an example of some action steps to take daily –

Pass out your business card to two people each day.
Make 2 new friends on Facebook, Twitter or another social networking site.
Call two leads who have responded to an ad for home business.

There are others, but these are two that are simple to do. Find the methods that work for you. This checks of the A part of the success plan.

Belief is the next one. How do you know that the sun will come up tomorrow; that the seasons will change? We have no real proof except that it has happened before, so it should happen again, right? This is belief, and it plays an important part in your success.

How to you make yourself believe that you will be successful, especially if things have been rocky? Who do you know who has already had the kind of success you are seeking? What is it about this person or these people that makes it work for them? What steps do they take each day? Are these steps that you could also take?

If you know that others have been successful in the same company, then you must believe that if you follow in their footsteps you will be, too. Belief is powerful, and a necessary part of your business.

Consistency is the final piece of the "big business thinking plan." McDonald's did not become successful by offering French fries only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or, by opening only when they feel like it. Their success has come as a result of being open for business at posted, scheduled times, and remaining open and in business even when no customers are in the store. They have a big business approach.

How well will any business do if it is only open an hour or two a month? What if those two hours consist of reading email; checking into the back office to see how many hits the website has received; and wondering why no business is coming in?

The key piece of Consistency is taking Action, based on Belief. No one has ever failed who has pursued this avenue of business success.

So, as other businesses and competitors close their doors, do you see this as a trend you should follow, or opportunity to increase your market share?

Put your big business sunglasses on and use this time to be a business success story, surviving in an environment where a large percentage of your competition is quitting, leaving a wide open opportunity for you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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