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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Key Quality #1 of the Successful Network Marketer

Key Qualities of the Network Marketing Professional

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

1. Use your products, all of them. That old saying "become a product of the product" is critical for you to become comfortable and fluent discussing what your business offers. Nothing will put doubt into the mind of your prospect faster than quickly discerning that you don't know your product line. How can you instill belief in others if you don't truly have it yourself?

If your company offers a large starter pack of all of the products, get started with that. This is a business and getting started with all of the products will get you off to the fastest start. No excuses!

Go through your home and place every competing product you have that your company offers in a garbage bag. Give it away or throw it away and replace all products with those from your own store. This helps develop your product story and you might be surprised how many people who visit your home will ask about your products.

Also begin to share your products with others through samples and demos. I give away my products all of the time and this has come back to me tenfold in profit, repeat orders and customer referrals. Your products are the bet sales aid and tool you have, so why not use them? It's a solid investment in your business and a tax write-off.

As you sponsor others and grow your team, spend your time with the ones who commit to the product line as well. Those who commit to the product line from the beginning deserve your time and will likely be your most stable business builders.

When you are solid in your belief and use of your products, others will notice and become curious. Commit to yourself and your business through this first key quality – Use Your Products! And, then naturally recommend them to others.

Tomorrow, Key Quality #2 – Developing a Loyal Customer Base.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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