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Saturday, August 15, 2009

MLM Success - I'll Show You Step by Step

Think about the top names you know in Network Marketing - Randy Gage, Mark Yarnell, Richard Brooke, Doug Firebaugh, Jan Ruhe, etc. How many of these people made it to the top by having some one take them step by step through the success system?

None of them, actually! If you've heard their stories, you know that they were given the basic concepts of the business and told to "go for it!"

So, if they can create success in their MLM business without having someone hold their hand, why can't you? What's stopping you?

You can learn the basics of Network Marketing – Contact, Invite, Present, Follow up, Sponsor, Train and Duplicate – in one day. You'll spend more time than that getting good at it, but that is how it is with anything you do.

The reality about success in MLM is that it is truly "trial by fire." Everyone is going to do things just a little bit differently. You must find our own authentic voice and style. It takes some time practicing and trying new things to find what that voice is. If you practice it with good intent, you'll make money while you discover your own style.

For me, my success has come by being what I call a "Solutions Coach." I love connecting with others and helping them find a solution to whatever their challenge is. Sometimes, that puts them into my business. Other times, it is about pointing them toward training that helped me. Still other times, it's just listening and helping them coach themselves past their fears and frustrations.

You don't need a step by step manual for MLM Success. That can be a recipe for MLM failure if you aren't careful. Find your path and carve it deep!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Tanya and Brian Hommes said...

You have shared some powerful information here, thank you! Everyone needs to remember that it's not about what you (Jackie Ulmer) is doing or what other network marketers or others are doing, it's about what you personally are doing or not doing. Write down your action steps to duplicate what the leaders are doing and DO IT!!!! I got it!

Jhanna Dawson said...

I really like that concept, a solutions coach!

Great post, Jackie, thank you!

Woodrow said...

Thank you for posting this encouraging post. MAny have tried MLM business and most feedbacks were that it is difficult. After reading your post I am inspired to do so.Wish me luck!

Jackie Ulmer said...

It would be great if there was an exact manual, but really, there isn't. When YOU are inspired and committed, you can move mountains!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer